Our Story | In Cafe Cardiff

since 02.2019

When we decided to open a cafe in the Winter of 2018, we had no idea of the epic adventure on which we were embarking. Little did we know our cafe, serving breakfast and sandwiches in the student village area of Cardiff would someday become a full fledged restuarant in town!

In November of 2018, we moved all the way from Hong Kong to Cardiff. With the passion for authentic Hong Kong cuisine, and knowing that there wasn't a lot of varieties for Asian lunch and brunch, we quickly jumped on the opprtunity to open our own place in the heart of Cathays.

In February of 2019, we opened the doors to In Cafe. Over the first few months, we got to know..... the area and our neighbours, and then quickly realised that there was much more demand for a restuarant than just a lunch and brunch spot. We renovated our kitchen, licensed the premise so we could serve alcohol and redesigned the menu to include dishes from both the East and the West.

With a larger menu, we watched our business grow a little more by month and started seeing a loyal crew of regulars. Soon, we realised that it was time for a new name, as we were no longer just a cafe, selling breakfasts and sandwiches.

In January 2020, we rebranded and became In Cafe & Restaurant Cardiff.

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